Smart Offshore (Pvt) Ltd

Our advantages

24*7 Client service

Would be more than pleased to assist you with any queries at any given time.

Instant access

Any time access to your client records with a benefit of reducing your data storage with the help of our virtual servers.


With all our employees having signed confidentially agreements. Our clients will not have to worry about their company information leaving our office.


Our team has the ability to handle growing amounts of work without compromising on the quality of service.


Training of new staff will not be required in case out team member decides to leave.

Experience and expertise

With team consisting of members who has experience in outsourcing. We work towards providing our clients with quality services.

Cost saving

Huge sum of money saved upon operational cost which can be channelized towards funding of care business operations.


Up to date information in timely manner in the service we look to provide.

Periodic reviews

We conduct a periodic review in order to keep up with the job quality and accuracy of the job.

What makes us different?

Our clients are our friends
We take a personal interest in our clients’ business. We recognize that our clients look to us to help them succeed. Our standard is always to meet client expectations; our goal is to exceed them.

Our community is our foundation
We support many professional, civic and nonprofit organizations because we believe that we are only as strong as the communities we serve.

Our people are trusted advisors
Our professionals obtain industry-specific certifications and education, and are involved in and provide leadership within industry/service associations.